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The client had an L-hemisphere CVA on 8/11/10. After the stroke, the client was admitted for a 5 day acute care hospitalization and then into an inpatient rehab setting for six weeks for one hour every day. Through a speech evaluation, the client was diagnosed with a mild anomic aphasia and mild apraxia of speech. The client 's goals are to improve her mobility, communication, and return home. This session was a re-assessment six months after she was discharged from the inpatient rehab setting. Type(s) of Reinforcement: The clinician used general positive verbal reinforcement during the session. For example, after the client did well on an assessment the clinician said, "Good job," and "Very good." This helped the client feel good about her…show more content…
In the beginning of the session, the clinician recorded and asked the client questions related to her personal information. This was used to test whether the client remembers and talk about her personal information. After this test, she was tested on her writing by giving her questions that she needed to write out or circle. The next test during the session was when the clinician asked about her stroke experience. This was used to test her memory and speech skills. The following test was a picture that the client needed to explain in complete sentences what was happening in the picture. This was to test if she had anomic aphasia because she would need to know the names of the words to explain the picture. Afterward, the client needed to tell the clinician everything that she remembers about John F. Kennedy. This was to test if she remembers a historical event from her past. Then, the client was shown pictures with objects on them and needed to describe them using only one word. This was another test used to examine whether she had anomic

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