GERD Case Study

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Medical Condition: GERD Patient History: KM is 29 year old patient diagnosed with GERD, who visited the pharmacy to pick up his prescription for Pantoloc 40mg. He is taking Maalox suspension 15ml as need basis for heartburn symptoms. For muscle pain he also takes Ibuprofen 300 mg four times a day as needed along with topical Rub A-535. He drinks 3 to 4 coffee per day and 2 cola per day. KM’s alcohol intake is 6 to 8 beer per week. KM’s physical activity includes playing hockey. His diet comprises mostly fast food and late night eating after playing hockey. He don’t consume tobacco or any kind of recreational drug. N: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a disease state in which stomach acid flow back into food pipe, which leads to…show more content…
[5] Pantoprazole belongs to proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) class of drugs. PPIs acts on parietal cell, lies with them are proton pump which secrete H+ ion and this class of drug irrepressibly inhibit proton pump and thus, decrease acid production. [1] Majority of studies found that all PPIs are similar in their effectiveness, over recommended treatment period. [6] PPIs are also proven and effective to heal any damaged inner lining of food pipe. [1] PPI are first line of choice in moderate to severe GERD. At beginning, start with once daily dosing, before first meal of the day. [1] Simultaneous use of antacid does not affect effectiveness. Thus, EH can use Maalox suspension for symptom control and Pantoprazole will help to control overall acid reflux. [5] (Safety) Pantoprazole use is safe, also if it is used for long term. [1] Most common side effects are Headache, nausea and diarrhea which will fade away during the course of treatment. [5] A very rare side effect of PPI is increased risk of Osteoporosis. [1] However, recent U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) studies revels that this risk is evident only in use of PPIs over a year and above and only found in elderly people. [7] Thus, EH is unlikely to exhibit such rare side effect at recommended course of treatment. (Adherence) EH is very active and understands instruction very well. He also understand the need to take medication as this will help in controlling his symptoms and improve quality of

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