Nt1310 Unit 3 Data Analysis

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1. Define the following terms: GIS; A geographic information system is system made to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present spatial or geographical data. FOSS; Free or Open Source Software. FOSS programs have licenses that allow users to freely run the program for any purpose, modify the program as they want, and also to freely distribute copies of either the original version or their own modified version. ILWIS; Integrated Land and Water Information System is a GIS / Remote sensing software for both vector and raster processing. ILWIS features include digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data as well as production of quality maps. Map; map is a graphic representation of where geographical features are, explicitly and relative to one another.
A map is composed of different geographical features
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Computers permit large amounts of data to be stored, either on the computer's hard disk or in portable diskettes.

Data Manipulation and Processing
Data manipulation and processing are performed to obtain useful information from data previously entered into the system. Data manipulation embraces two types of operations: operations needed to remove errors and update current data sets and operations using analytical techniques to answer specific questions formulated by the user. The manipulation process can range from the simple overlay of two or more maps to a complex extraction of disparate pieces of information from a wide variety of sources.

Data Output
Data output refers to the display or presentation of data employing commonly used output formats that include maps, graphs, reports, tables, and charts, either as a hard-copy, as an image on the screen, or as a text file that can be carried into other software programs for further analysis.

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