GSA Club Reflective Essay Topics

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In my school’s GSA club, our focus is on the injustices committed against the LGBTQ community; however, our club is interdisciplinary. We discuss our fit in a diverse society as ethnic minorities and we study also gender and sexuality. When I am involved in these discussions, what I learn in my AP English Literature class is engrained in my mindset. Our class, based on the theme of oppression, has allowed me to study underlying inconsistencies within our society. My work with GSA has allowed me to make many real-world connections between the themes we’ve studied in class and the day-to-day realities of oppression in our world. The most revelatory experiences were rallies that took place outside of school. In GSA, one demonstration I took part of was concerning the murders of transgender people of color. We sought to give them the recognition they were deprived of. We participated in a die-in in Downtown, Los…show more content…
This topic of morality ties into several aspects of living: whether it be related to bullying, sexism, and even speciesism. Over my last years of high school, I started to think about what kind of adult I wanted to be and what values I wanted to commit to. I applied this to a more focused part of my life: the implications of my diet. I would decide to become a vegetarian after years of letting my family influence what I ate. When I took part in demonstrations and community events with GSA, I was surrounded by passionate and enlightening people who advocated for important issues, and I knew I wanted to continue that into another part of my life. I asked myself why I was still following a diet that I felt was wrong. I was passionate about environmental sustainability and animal rights too, yet I was not following through with my convictions because of what other people thought. I needed to take it upon myself to make a permanent change in my
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