Disadvantages Of Gsm And 3g

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This term paper provides the overview of researches done on GSM and 3G networks. It has been noticed that a lot of research work has been done on GSM and 3G in the past few years. It is because these two are the most important way of telecommunication at the present. This term paper provides review about the working of GSM and 3G. It also provides GSM architecture. The requirements for their setups and key elements etc. Downfall of GSM and people shifting to 3G.

This term paper provides with advantages, disadvantages and challenge of GSM and 3G. The material has been collected from various research papers published on IEEE and journals already published.


Mobile communications: Basic concepts
From the ancient
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These advantages are summarised as follows:
• Radio frequencies efficiently and due to the digital radio path, the system tolerates more intercell disturbances is used in GSM.
• The average speech level and quality is better than that in analogue systems.
• Data transmission is held throughout the GSM system.
• Speech is encrypted & there is a guaranteed of the security of subscriber speech.
• With ISDN compatibility. There are new services offered.
• The large market increases competition and lowers the prices both for usage and investments.
• International roaming is technically possible within all countries using GSM system.

Problems and solutions of the air interface

It has already been pointed out that the radio air interface link is the most vulnerable part of the GSM connection. In this section we will briefly discuss some of the problems that occur in air interface and some solutions. There are three major sources of problems in the air interface, which can lead to loss of data. These are:
• Multipath propagation
• Shadowing
• Propagation delay.

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But technology can exist without drawbacks and 3G is not any different to this rule. Even this cutting edge technology is not able to provide any solution for the harmful effects created on using electromagnetic waves for communication. Moreover 3G phones that are available in the market now are pretty costly and not everyone can afford to buy them. People are not made much aware of the advantages of 3G, (except the elite crowd who are always in touch with the latest gadgets and technologies) it hasn’t reached the world over population. Thinking on a wider sense, other high-speed wireless technologies like Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Wi-Max made3G sounds a complicated one for wireless internet access. The current status of mobile wireless communications, as of June 2006, is a mix of 2nd and 3rd generation technologies (called 2.5G, the best technology now widely available providing speed of 64-144kb/sec). The new EDGE air interface has been developed specifically to meet the bandwidth needs of

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