GVSA Meeting Reflection

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On Wednesday, I attended my first GVNSA meeting of the semester. For this GVNSA general meeting, students would be discussing and voting on the nursing uniform changes. This meeting would also include the induction of the new GVNSA leaders. The purpose of this general meeting was to implement change for future nursing students. Attending this meeting I believe was beneficial as I was able to listen to ideas and different perspectives from my peers on the changes they wish to see be made.
The meeting didn’t have a large attendance as one would expected. I expected this meeting to be full as the changes of uniform was such an important topic among nursing students. Although there wasn’t a large attendance, the purpose of the meeting was to implement changes that would be beneficial to nursing students. The meeting began with discussing about a new idea for a badge that would replace our current magnetic name tag. The new
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The discussion on the combinations and barriers about the colors for the uniform was intense as many people were sharing their opinions and concerns about it. The three things that I took away from this was how important change can be, knowing that my vote matters, and understanding how advocating is an important part of nursing. Whenever I get a chance to attend a GVNSA, I enjoy listening to all the discussion and opinions people have about a certain topic that’s brought up in the meeting.
In conclusion, progress was made in implementing change to the nursing uniform. Students had the ability to vote and share their opinions on the uniform topic during the meeting. I believe having GVNSA meetings like this one, would be beneficial to listen to the changes nursing students would like to see in the future. Voting was done to see change and advocating for nursing students was a key
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