The Gabby Douglas: Article Analysis

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Media Champion, G. (Director). (2014). The Gabby Douglas Movie [Motion picture on DVD]. Canada: Lifetime. The Gabby Douglas Movie is the story of world famous gymnast Gabby Douglas and how she became an olympic gold medalist. It was made after she became a gold medalist and aired on lifetime in 2014. It starts with her as a small child and shows the struggles one might have to go through to get to that level of competition. It is right around hour long and the rating of the movie is PG. I think this is a great movie to inspire kids to try hard in all aspects of life. I enjoy this movie for my classroom because once in awhile we get to go to the Black Canyon Gymnastics, here in town and it is a really good lead up to that trip.The availability…show more content…
Much of the physical and mental health lessons that the council has to offer are great for my at risk students at the Brown Center. I like how they are for teen boys that are dealing with many of the issues my students face. The article on “Boys in the Media” is a great one because it talks about how the media portrays men and what a young adult male should have to be in the media's eyes. I really enjoy how the article guides them to think about their own lives. The activities are great when we have the time to get to them like for “Boy in the Media” we did a group collage where we all found pictures, writings, and headlines of things that the media portrays as what a man is in today's world. The critical thinking questionS are mostly used as group talking points than individual question for my…show more content…
(1989, January 1). Sports Illustrated Kids. The “Sports Illustrated kids” magazine is a monthly issued magazine. It is geared towards educating kids about sports news through articles that are written at their reading level. The Magazine is written at a middle school reading level. “Sports Illustrated Kids” is filled with pictures and articles that inform kid about sports news, healthy tips, and fun facts. There is a few small advertisements throughout the magazine as well as a few large full page ads. The font is a standard size at about 11 or 12. The magazine is broken up by articles and also has a table of content on the beginning few pages. “Sports Illustrated kids” has been not only a great addition to my classroom but also to the whole facility. The way the kids get excited about reading when we get the new issue is rare. I use this in my classroom during free reading time and between classes. It is a great magazine because the articles are not too long allowing my students to finish most articles in five to ten minutes. This works great for my students who can read during breaks and even when others are cooking lunch. I like the way they guide kids into making healthy choices. The other great thing about this magazine is the workouts and activities that they suggest and show kids since it does catch their

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