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The theme of isolation is explored deeply in my selections of poems to make me have an image of the poet. Connecting the feelings of isolation to the reader’s mind. The poems ‘Once upon a time’, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ and ‘Piano’ are remarkable for this isolation. Firstly, in ‘Once upon a time’ by Gabriel Okara the persons contrast between the past and present in Nigeria. In Do not go gentle into the good night by Dylan Thomas the persona is isolated because he cannot do anything about his father dying. The persona also discussed death which links the two poems ‘War photograph’ and ‘Remember’. Gradually in ‘Piano’ written by D.H. Lawrence, the persona flashes back to his favorite memories. I can see that isolation has a powerful…show more content…
Structurally, it is written in free verse; with uneven stanzas. In short, lack of rhyme to show how unhappy he is. The structure of the poem was displayed in a simple way, where he begins his poem with a fairytale opener ‘’Once upon a time, son’’ as he is talking to his ‘son’, the younger generation. Thus, his stanzas analyze how attitudes changed ‘’So I have learned many things’’ and he tries to get used to the new world, but can hardly fit in which makes him feel so isolated. Additionally, he uses vague metaphor language ‘’laugh with their hearts’’ to show how time changed hearts and feelings towards every other person. Overall, Okara uses several language techniques which make the reader examine the…show more content…
Moreover, as I explore the poem 'Do not go gentle into that good night ', I find different points of the 'isolation ' that occur as the poem goes on, I see this when Thomas writes ' 'sang the in flight, and learn, too late.. ' ' he did not want them to get isolated too late, also the wild men only focused on one thing which is like going around and exploring but they could have done so many things if they had organized their life and when the sun goes they die. Whereas in 'War Photographer ' people suffered from pain and death was is expected at any time but the people do not have a choice, even children die and suffer pain. Gradually, Thomas ends the poem with advice to his own father ' 'there on the sad height, curse, bless ' ' telling him to keep on fighting death which shows that he is very isolated by the idea of death. Thomas uses so many commas to make the reader stop and think about the points he is giving to his father. In conclusion, I see that isolation has affected the author which led him to write the poem and write about how you can fight isolation and stop it. But in my view, I see lots of links between my major and minor poem, which deal with the same type of isolation

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