Gabriel Sandoval's Home-Personal Narrative

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Gabriel Sandoval held a hand to his stomach as it seemed to come to life from within him. He lay in bed, dismayed at the thought of his family’s current economic situation, but thankful for Georgia’s balmy late spring. Winter without heating would almost certainly be their demise. “Sergio, do you need to use the bathroom before I turn the lights off?” Gabe’s mother spoke to her husband. “Yes, please, Luci, if it won’t be too much of a bother.” “Nonsense, let’s sit you up.” Gabriel’s heart clenched as he overheard his parents’ hushed conversation from their bedroom. A shut door to he and his brother’s room was a rare occurrence ever since his father’s accident in the case that they would ever entail his assistance. He would do anything to take even the smallest amount of weight…show more content…
“Get off of him or so help me God you’ll wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed this morning!”
Tyrant-Number-One looked up from Alastair’s body on the pavement. “And if we don’t? What will you do, tell your mom?”
Gabe flushed, at a loss for words and with no plan as to how he would get out of this web he had seemed to have spun himself in. “Just leave him be. He’s done nothing to you two jerks but look at you!”
“Okay, we’ll leave him alone, for now. Just remember that you’re our next target,” Number One sneered, before shoving Gabe down near Alastair. The pair walked away, having caused enough disturbance for the day.
Gabe watched their retreating backs, with his hands soothing his knees on which he had landed. Ragged breathing coming from his right was what tore his attention away from his pain. He looked at the boy laying on his side, doing his best to keep the noise he was making to a minimum.
“Are you okay? Do you think you can stand up?” Gabe asked hesitantly.
“Um, I-I think so. Give me a moment,” a deep voice responded. “And thank you for stopping them, I don’t know how much longer they would have taken this
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