Gabriels Conspiracy: Slavery In The 1800's

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Gabriels Conspiracy Back in the 1800’s being a slave was very hard. Do you think you would survive? Well there are many who survived slavery and there are some that took a stand and fought it. These people were leaders and influenced others to take a stand and give it there all in order to abolish slavery. Some of them did not succeed in there efforts, but they did influence the other slaves into taking risks and rebelling against slavery. One of the leaders was a blacksmith named Gabriel. Gabriel was an enslaved african man from Virginia. He was the leader of Gabriel’s Conspiracy. Which took place in a Henrico county neighborhood during the spring and summer of the 1800’s. This was a plan to rebel against his slave master and abolish…show more content…
Being a leader was difficult if you were a slave. Especially if you had a harsh master, that would punish you for every little thing you did wrong. But there was still some who persisted though these harsh conditions. Those leaders helped inspire other slaves and grow the population of slave leaders in the south. Wall3 Some of the reasons slavery is absolutely hated are as follows, it was harsh, unjust, and inhumane.
This was probably the worst, or one of the worst possible things to go through. Yet there were thousands upon thousands who had to go through this unfair state of living. One of the reasons slavery was hated is because it was very harsh. If you were a slave back then usually you would be beaten every week. They were not just taps to get you to work faster but they were lashes with leather rods. These rods had pieces of glass in them to rip the flesh. This was a normal thing for the slaves to get scourged or whipped to death. Another reason slavery is hated was because it was unjust. slavery was very unjust because the slaves would only get a few shirts trousers and that was usually it. There was also barley enough time to sleep and if they overslept then most often they would be taught not to oversleep by the
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