Gaby's Essay: What Is Maturity?

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What is maturity? Psychologically speaking, it is the ability to appropriately respond to a set environment. From childhood to adolescence, people are faced with the many challenges of life. In defeating these obstacles, the moral understanding and perception of value obtained sculpt a person’s character. Let’s face it, challenges are called challenges for a reason. The worst kind of challenges are the challenges of fear. Take it from me. Fear lied in the change and adaptation of being on my own and becoming an adult. (Don’t think it’s needed but will ask for Gaby’s opinion) Since I was 6 years old, I have always wanted to skate. I admired the way skaters would glide on the ice, with the feeling of bliss and freedom. While everyone watches,…show more content…
If I fell, I could get back up again. No, I wasn’t afraid of falling, I was afraid of embarrassing myself. Looking at my feet, focusing on the way my feet moved. I was copying how I saw others skate. I was so little, I couldn’t keep myself up I had help. For a 6-year-old, the lesson I was taught that day had no impact on me until now at the age of 16. I have never stepped foot on the ice again until one day, I was in the car with my mother running errands in Long Island. While listening to Christmas music, I began to think about Rockefeller Center. The beautiful, small ice skating rink I had always seen in movies and the grand Christmas tree lit up for all to see. I could only admire from afar, but then I thought, “Mom once mentioned how she wanted to roller-skate again. Maybe by learning to roller-skate, I will be able to ice skate.” With this idea in mind, I was excited as was my mom when I asked her if we could buy roller skates. She gave me the biggest smile and drove us to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought a pair of black and yellow four-wheel roller skates. Roller-skating is training wheels on a bike compared to ice skating. My first mistake was how excited I was. Excitement led to carelessness as I put on the skates inside only to realize

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