Gac300 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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The $15,000 will be used for research, prototyping and experimentation/implementation. I will use the money to buy materials and equipment (not already at west point) that may be needed to create and test prototypes here at West Point. In terms of implementation, I would use the money to develop different models and travel to either Africa or India to test my final prototype. I would go to rural villages during the summer to observe and quantify the air conditioning unit’s usability, durability and effectiveness in action. This will allow me to continue to make changes until the air conditioning unit is perfect. Additionally, the money would be used to fund travel and expenses to different conferences or competitions I would be able to participate in based on my research/invention. Some events that may be feasible include the Global Social Venture competition, the Hult Prize, and the Effective Altruism Global Conference.…show more content…
However, the ideal mentor would foremost share my passion for research and social entrepreneurship. Someone that would be able to expand my academic horizons while encouraging innovation in altruism. I would like my mentor to be knowledgeable about fluid dynamics, mathematics and engineering. This would ensure they would be able to answer and assist in research questions I may have when developing this air conditioning unit. Additionally, I would also like someone who will help me develop my servant leadership. Currently, I am a very ambitious student with many ideas to enrich the lives of others; however, I need assistance translating my ideas and research into functional results that will better the
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