Gaia Persuasive Essay

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As the cobble stones fly by her peripheral vision, she rushes through the streets as if she has done this for years. The quiet night almost accepts this behavior.
Suddenly, the child wails in her arms but then is quickly silenced by the smooth binky placed in its mouth. As the child and its escort reach the small house, she notices the foreboding door. The door is a small one, obviously built for someone with a smaller stature than Gaia’s. As the door is opened, crying is heard almost immediately. As much as Gaia wishes, it was not the baby’s cry that burst through the calm night air but the mother of the child. Gaia came here to do the right thing, she will strive to be the best person she can and will be. Gaia wasn’t brought up like most outer-enclave children. She is the daughter of an very prominent midwife, whose life depended on surrendering three newborn children per month. While her mother is away, Gaia, who is seven at the time, spills her father’s hot honey all over her face. Scarred for life, Gaia cannot get married or give birth to any children because of her disfigurement. Her
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We are supposed to be ignorant and natural optimists, but what is an optimist? Who do we see as being an “optimist”? Let me answer those questions for you. Gaia Stone is a great example of an optimist. She has given so much of her life to save these small children, everyone else would gladly take the children from their parents.The people around Gaia only see her as a measly teenager, who can make no real impact on the future of these children. How has she given up what she has? She has given up her own freedom for the welfare of these children. With the loss of her parents, she can still go through her own way and see life as a gem, not as a burden. Only a few people can see life like Gaia does. That is what makes her a true, beautiful, optimist in her own
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