Gail Collins Essay About Politics

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Gail Collins continuously writes about politics and how the world, especially the United States, is affected by this and how it is currently functioning. Collins speaks consistently about president Donald Trump’s political career and the actions that he has taken throughout his years as a politician. I confirm Gail Collins’ stance in the opinions she has put forth throughout her career as a New York Times columnist. Over the past few weeks, I have been engaged in Gail Collins’ work as she has taught me about politics and what is happening in our world currently. Gail Collins has taught me that politicians of all kinds can make many mistakes throughout their political careers. She has convinced me of her opinion numerous times on the actions that are going on in the world. Gail Collins has taught me that politics can be interesting when you begin to study them and find out how it all affects the world. Throughout her columns, I have noticed that Gail Collins has described President Donald Trump’s actions clearly. I have learned that Gail Collins’ opinion on Donald Trump is that he spends too much time on Twitter making pointless Tweets when he should be focusing on the aspects of his country and its safety. She speaks widely on her opinion when it comes to each new political…show more content…
An example of a rhetorical device she used is irony. In her column Oh Lord, Now The Gun Thing’s Back, she writes about her frustration of how many people have died due to poor gun laws. She uses irony in her line written, “You’d think the National Rifle Association would go away and be quiet for a month or two.” Collins uses this as a source of irony because she suggests that due to the numerous shootings that have happened in our country lately, you’d think the associations and the government would have spoken up by now and stopped gun use for violence in some way, but instead, gun laws are still a problem in our
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