Gaining The American Dream

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Rashad Clark
English III
1st period


The American Dream can be described as only a dream in reality when it comes to the real world. They’re millions of Americans that are struggling currently.The factors such as economic stability and discrimination that contributes to the inaccurate view. According to Mark Gangloff , more than 45 million Americans were below poverty in 2014. There are various factors that make the dream not able to be obtained. However, there are factors that are very vital to the impossibilities of conquering this dream that’s described as being able to get achieved by anyone who puts in hard work.
The American Dream is set only for certain people in a common sense because it
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On February 26, 2012 , 17 year old Trayvon Benjamin Martin was fatally gunned down. The shocking part was that he was unarmed and also minding his business. Unlawful conduct and misuse of weapons also bring America down. The reasons for the failure of this dream is more than financial struggles. The police idea of “protect and serve” has stretched too far out of proportion as they have taken advantage of their powers. George Zimmerman was only security watch at the time for the neighborhood in Florida.…show more content…
According to studies , “college costs had risen 500 percent since 1985, while the overall consumer price index rose by 115 percent.” These shocking transformations take a possible attempt at college out of the picture for students that don 't have wealthy families or scholarships to depend on for their time being at the college or university. The cost of the modern world can not be afforded by everyone that even want to make an effort to do so. Debt will be a critical stop to spending and maintaining money while in college or after college. ( In conclusion , the American Dream is only a thought and is not obtainable when put into a more critical perspective by the whole world rather than just one race. This dream will be completely vanished within the next 50 or more years. The things you need to make a possibility like this are unimaginable to certain groups of people , that realize what it takes. You can not just believe you need just “hard work” to be a successful product in America. Especially, when there’s other factors that you will or might get in the way of your journey to making and achieving the
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