Disadvantages Of Gait Analysis

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TODAY, in metropolitan public transport stations, authentication or verification using conventional technologies is practically infeasible. In such type of applications, biometric authentication methods are more attractive. Biomechanics research (e.g. gait analysis, sport or rehabilitation biomechanics, motor control studies) often involves measuring different signals such as kinematics, forces, and EMG. Gait is defined as “a manner of walking” in the Webster Collegiate Dictionary. The extend definition of gait is to include both the appearance and the dynamics of human walking motion. Gait analysis is the systematic study of human walking , using the eye and brain of experienced observers, augmented by instrumentation for measuring body movements , body…show more content…
Gaits main advantage, unobtrusive identification at a distance, makes it a very attractive biometric. The ability to identify a possible threat from a distance, gives the user a time frame in which to react before the suspect becomes a possible threat. Another motivation is that video footage of suspects are readily available, as surveillance cameras are relatively low cost and installed in most buildings or locations requiring a security presence, the video just needs to be checked against that of the suspect. As well as the inherent advantages of gait, the increase in processor power, along with the fall in price of high speed memory and data storage devices have all contributed to the increased availability and applicability of computer vision and video processing techniques. Real time video processing, which is required for gait recognition is a feasible possibility on current home PC technology, making this technology a viable security application. Human gait recognition works from the observation that an individual’s walking style is unique and can be used for human
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