Gaius Caesar Or Caligul Emperor Of Rome

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Gaius Caesar, or Caligula, was the emperor of Rome from 37 to 41 A.D. Caligula hailed from one of Rome’s most famous families, the Julio Claudien’s. His great-great grandfather was Julius Caesar, and his great-grandfather was Augustus. Caligula also has another nickname, “little boot”, because he used to go with his father to military campaigns in a uniform and a small pair of boots. Caligula was summoned by Tiberius, Rome’s current ruler at that time, in the year 31. He was adopted by Tiberius, even though he speculated the emperor murdered his father, Germanicus. During this time, Caligula is said to have taken part in incest with his sister Drusilla, and took delight in watching executions and torture, and spent his nights in wild orgies.…show more content…
For example, self-conscious about his premature balding, he reportedly made it a crime for anyone to look down at him from a high place, and in some cases would have a citizen’s head shaved if they had fine hair. He would also practice grimacing in the mirror for hours. He also had a golden statue of himself that he would dress in a matching outfit every day. Caligula’s forms of entertainment for the people also changed. During gladiator shows, if there weren’t enough criminals to battle the beasts, he would order spectators from the audience to be dragged into the arena. He would also feed the beasts with criminals. He also impregnated his sister Drusilla, and had her disemboweled to remove the child. At her death, he had her deified. Caligula’s political interests were also affected by his insanity. For example, during a campaign in Britain, no fighting actually happened, but Caligula ordered his troops to collect shells as spoilers of war. It is also written that he declared war on Neptune for one of his ships being destroyed at sea, and had his army attack the shores of the ocean. It is also said that he made his favorite horse, Incitatus, a senator, declared him a priest, and wanted him to be granted consulship. The horse also had his own set of servants, and a marble stable. Caligula also enforced dead silence in the middle of the night so as not to disturb his horse. If this rule was broken, it was punishable by

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