Galileo Galilei Research Paper

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It is possible that Galileo Galilei could be the greatest and most famous astronomers, scientists, and mathematicians of his day and age. Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15th, 1564. When he was young, his family all packed up and moved to Florence. There he was sent to a monastery to be schooled. After being so content with the place, he wanted to be a full time monk, but his father wanted him to be a medical doctor, so he was sent back home to study medicine. Eventually Galileo got so bored with medicine so he began to pursue mathematics at the University of Pisa. He was greatly intrigued by famous mathematicians of the time and even published a book in 1586 based on one of their their theories Just about 20 years later is when his dad died. Once this happened, Galileo had to take care of the family by teaching math at the …show more content…

Using this invention he discovered things such as the Milky Way being made of stars, the bodies orbiting around Jupiter (and calculations on finding their speeds), and the rings around Saturn. Using all of this knoledge he helped argue against Copernicus’ Theory on how everything revolves around the earth. This man was absolutely brilliant. In 1612 he discovered spots on the sun by pointing the telescope directly at it and projecting it on a piece paper on the other side of the telescope, But he wasn't all perfect. He was wrong on a theory that comets stayed relatively close to earth at all times, but they really revolve in one big oval like shape around all the planets. Galileo was a very smart man, but was born in a time that was hard for science. During this time the church was in charge, and they didn't want anyone doubting them or their ideas, so they opposed science to the best of their ability. They put Galileo under house arrest and refused to let him publish any of his

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