Galileo Observation

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As the attorney of Galileo 's, inventer of telescope and the person who proved the copernican theory, I would like to negotiate with you to free my client from the death penalty. Our science hasn 't been updated for the past hundreds of years and people everywhere have been taught false information until Galileo came along. I ask you the pope, leader of our town and country if you still care about your people, to free my client so he can serve his true potential of being a scientist. He can show us new ways of learning and provide us with correct information about our world to teach our people. Galileo will change history itself, his discoveries will make a dent in astronomy 100 years from now. He has amazingly re-designed the…show more content…
All because of him, years from now there will probably be new developments of new technology and industries that hold this information about the world and its surroundings. I believe that my client should be released and the church 's beliefs that hold him in there are incorrect. Those who are accusing him, believe that his theories are false and a dishonor to the church. Therefore my belief is that the truth behind his theories benefit us and the generations that are ahead of us. He can open new doors in astronomy, science and release more discoveries to inform us about our unknown universe. In addition he can give us a better understanding about the planet we live in and the planets that surround us. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and i hope you take this into consideration. Galileo, husband, father and a scientist i strongly believe that his charge for the death penalty should be dropped so he can provide to his family and to advance the understanding of our world 's roll in the galaxy. Thank you
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