Galileo Research Paper

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Galileo galilee was one of the biggest and one of the most important scientists to ever exist. He was one of the most significant people of science as he was the very first few people to actually build a telescope and look at far away things in space. The ideas of Galileo and other scientists had triumphed because they needed to be proven to be true. The reason why I chose Galileo for my biography was because how his discovery had influenced and changed the world forever making him a man very hard to forget. Galileo’s story starts when he was born. He was born in the Italian city of Pisa on February 15, 1564 as He was the very first born of son of Vincenzo Galileo and Giulia Ammannati who themselves were his biological mother and father. His father was a well known composer who played the lute a stringed instrument and Galileo himself also became a skilled lute player later on in life after he was born. As he was 17 years old Galileo was torn in between being a catholic priest or a doctor of medicine so he took his father’s advice and took the role and studied for medicine. At the age of 18 found him in a mathematics lecture totally changing the path of his life.…show more content…
As you know Galileo had taken the advice of his father studying the medicine of Italy. If Galileo had not taken the advice of his family member he would have joined a church and would have studied about his beliefs (which I am pretty sure is Christ) but let’s get back to the subject now. What first influenced Galileo to study in medicine was his very father Vincenzo Galileo who had given him the advice to study medicine. The reason to study in scientific history was a lecture of mathematics lecture switching his sights to scientific
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