Galileo's Argument Essay: Choosing To Learn

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When the student is ready, the master will appear is a chinese quote for learning and wanting to learn. This quote is big for today 's society because people are not wanting to learn and being lazy. People expect to just know everything but if they don 't work for anything how will they learn. This proverb can be explained by many people, books, and current events such as The Hatchet, Galileo, and Albert Einstein.

Galileo is a perfect example for the proverb, some examples of why are shown in this paragraph. Galileo decided to learn and make himself smarter in his own ways. “He discovered he had talent in mathematics. In 1585 he persuaded his father to let him leave the university.”(findlen). Galileo was smart enough he didn 't need a teacher. Sometimes you have to do take things on your own in life. He wanted to help others with his talents. Galileo took it upon himself and became a tutor for years in mathematics. Galileo
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This boy went out on his own and ended up raising over a $million to further his learning. A boy shares his story to help his school and teachers. A 13 year old boy shared a story of school and helped raise his school $1 million. The boy was wanting to learn and his school didn 't have what was needed. And the help ended up responding. The principal wasn 't giving up on the kids no matter what. The principal, Nadia Lopez was ready to do anything for her students. She wouldn 't give up on them. Nadia was lost and she didn 't know what to do she knew the kids were ready but the teaching wouldn 't come. The resources just weren 't there for them. Because of the 13 year old 's story $100 thousand was donated from the Ellen show. “The Ellen degeneres show” donated $100,000 worth of new technology to the school and others around it. The Ellen show noticed the kids were wanting to learn. So they brought in what the kids needed. In conclusion this boy went out on his own and ended up raising over a $million to
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