Galileo's Inventions During The Renaissance

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Galileo was the most important person during the Renaissance because everything he discovered and invented gave more knowledge to the Renaissance and his inventions helped evolve a greater knowledge and objects later on. Many discoveries he made gave knowledge to how the world was actually made during the renaissance. He revolutionised astronomy. He invented the telescope. He had worked with Copernicus and helped him prove to everyone Earth was round. He was a great Astronomer, discovering Jupiter 's four main moons. He also discovered Saturn 's rings, and thought they were hands. William Hershey corrected this. So he did help change not only history, but Exploration as well. Galileo Galilei was a mathematics teacher and made long lasting observation for physics. He was from Pisa, Italy. He started experimenting with falling objects at the university of…show more content…
One of Galileo 's inventions was the thermoscope and it was an earlier version of thermometer. It was built in small vase with water in it, it was attached to a rising pipe with a large glass ball at the top. Changes in temperature of the ball would cause positive or vacuum pressure on the water below, causing it to rise or lower in the thin column. However, it depended on pressure and temperature. Galileo invented a geometric and military compass between 1595 and 1598. The compass offered gunners a safer way of elevating cannons accurately and enabled them to quickly change charge of gunpowder for cannonballs of different sizes. In 1609 Galileo built his first telescope. This for him was a big achievement because he was able to see four new stars that were orbiting Jupiter with his new telescope. He also discovered the sunspots. He also confirmed that the sun rotates and that the planets orbit around the sun, not around the
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