Gallaudet's Argument Analysis

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There are many schools in the world for many people. There are schools in China, USA, Canada and in much more places. All those schools are for fully able people, people who can hear and see properly. Have you ever wondered how Deaf and blind people go to school, get around obstacles, and do things that everyday people do? Things started to change in 1857 when the first trace of Gallaudet University existed. Gallaudet University is a school mainly created for deaf and blind students located Washington DC. Amos Kendall was just an ordinary, everyday man that got touched by some desperate deaf and blind children one day. He soon was overcome by his empathy and devoted some money and land for the helpless disabled kids like the ones he saw. Amos…show more content…
In 1988, the Deaf President Now protest began. Deaf President Now was a protest about how Gallaudet is a school teaching the deaf so it should have a deaf president. Many people took this event very seriously. Not only the students were a part of the protest, the teachers, staff, and even deaf communities from across the US and as far as Canada got the message from the students. There were so many people at the protest that the school had to close down and even the blocks near the school were filled with people and their personalized poster. The demands of the students are exactly: 1) Elisabeth Zinser must resign and a deaf person selected president. 2) Jane Spilman must step down as chairperson of the Board of Trustees. 3) Deaf people must constitute a 51% majority on the Board. 4) There would no reprisals against any student or employee involved in the protest. On the fourth day of the protest, the students met Zinser. Zinser agreed with the third and the fourth demand, but the students said that the first and the second one were non-negotiable. On the 6th day, Zinser finally resigned. On the same day, there was a celebration of the students’ success. Soon after the end of the protest, a deaf man named First king Jordan was selected to be the new president of Gallaudet
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