Gallbladder Case Study

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Gallbladder is a pear shaped structure organ ,which is inferior to interlobar fissure between right and left hemiliver. Gallbladder is divided into three parts ; Neck, Body and fundus. Gallbladder is located in right hypochondrium region that is inferior surface of right lobe of liver.
Keep in mind; When patient take meal. This Interlobar fissure is the landmark sign that indicates, the gall bladder is contracted or filled with stones.
Parts Of Gallbladder:
Fundus projects beyond the inferior border of the liver in the angle between the lateral border of the right rectus abdominis and the 9th costal cartilage. It is completely surrounded by peritoneum.
Body located in fossa for the
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Most commonly the sites where referred pain from gall bladder is brought, stomach through Vagus, inferior angle of right scapula through sympathetic nerves and right shoulder through phrenic nerve..

Gallbladder intraluminal pathologies and symptoms:
Tiny “stones” that form in the gallbladder that are primarily made up of cholesterol, calcium deposits and sometimes other minerals. Compared to kidney stones, gallstones tend to be smaller and soften since cholesterol, one of the main substances that forms gallstones, isn’t a solid substance.
Gallstones are usually tied to both sudden (acute) gallbladder symptoms and also chronic gallbladder inflammation.

Its caused from gallstones. Acute cholecystitis usually causes severe, steady pain in the upper abdomen. Around 95% of people with acute cholecystitis have gallstones that block an important channel leading from the gallbladder. In some, cases the gallstone blockage can cause an infection in which the gallbladder fills up with fluid and thickens. If the gallbladder becomes very swollen then rupturing is possible.

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• Aggravation of pain immediately after having food.
• Feeling a rise in a pain while breathing.
• Nausea or vomiting.
• Pain even at the chest region.
• Stools having abnormal color.

In recent research done by Dr. Axe described that Many adults suffer from gallbladder problems during middle or late adulthood, especially women, who develop gallstones much more than men do. (1) And cholecystectomy, surgery to remove the gallbladder, is one of the most common operations performed on adults in the United States every year. Yet it’s common for even those who have gallbladder issues to be a bit unsure of what the gallbladder does exactly and that a gallbladder diet can help prevent and treat certain issues.

The Gallbladder Diet:
Gallstones Prevention, Gallbladder Diet and Other Natural Treatments.
These foods diet plan helps to reduce gallbladder discomfort and pain because in general they’re proficiently for the body to digest, contain only natural fats and supply important nutrients like antioxidants and fiber:

High-Fiber Foods:
These are very essential for healthy

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