Galli Galsi Sim Case Study

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B. Specific Recommendations for Galli Galli Sim Sim

1. Education
a) Depict different educational settings.
i) Show government and private schools. ii) Show positive behaviors that should occur in the school setting. iii) Children of different genders, economic levels, religions, castes, abilities/disabilities etc. should be shown gaining skills and learning together. Do not isolate children of different backgrounds.

b) Show play, physical activity, and sports as part of education.
i) Children need physical activity to relieve stress and as a component of a healthy lifestyle. ii) Physical activity should be shown as part of a well-rounded curriculum. iii) Supplemental GGSS material should involve physical actions and movement. iv) Offer examples of team and cooperative
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a) Introduce diversity through Galli Galli Sim Sim
i. Include human characters and live action films depicting people of different ii. Show those of different backgrounds, genders, religions, economic levels, and castes doing similar activities. iii. Show people with disabilities engaging in familiar activities. iv. Make sure to include people with different skin tones.
v. Depict foods of different groups. vi. Show celebrations and arts of different cultures and religions. vii. Explain disabilities. Children want answers on what it means to be blind, deaf, or have a physical disability.

b) Help reduce discrimination.
i) Have muppet characters who are fraternal twins, one boy and one girl. They should break stereotypes. Parents should be proud of both. ii) Children should wear the SAME clean school uniforms, regardless of their backgrounds. iii) Show professional adults, breaking gender
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