Gallipoli Film Analysis

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The film Gallipoli shows us that to die for your country is not sweet nor fitting as it was merely a scheme that hurt all that were involved. The Australian men that signed up to war thinking it was courageous to do so were proved wrong as it was not their own war but the British’s. It is also apparent throughout the film that it should not have been desirable to die against the Turkish that were only men fighting for their own country. Whilst many bystanders got hurt as the result of the numerous deaths the truth was slowly shown- that the people that died for our country was not slightly beneficial to our country.

The men that died at the battle of Gallipoli weren’t truly sacrificing themselves for their own country but for the British. Throughout the film and the help of Frank’s biased views the British are seen as untrustworthy and sly whilst allying with Australia. Through the numerous actions of their higher position such as making the men go of to Gallipoli before the British to
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Throughout the film the Turkish are seen as evil maniac figures that want to take over and kill all of their men. This was seen through newspaper and the public media in notion to persuade men to join. In result of this the men beginning to think killing the Turkish was the best option to save their country, and most of the men thought of dying in battle with the enemy was just as good. This may be their standpoint although there is no use in dying against a country who is in the same position of protecting their country. Men such as Archy and Frank did come to realise this as they see the Turkish hostage releasing “[the enemy] Doesn’t look to fierce to me”and see that they really aren’t as bad as the media makes out.The Turkish men were just as selfless and courageous as our own, though depicted as evil to recruit men therefore making their deaths irelivent
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