Gallup Self Test

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The two self-test I chose to take were the Myers-Briggs Inventory and Strength Finder 2.0. My thoughts about both self-test were an interesting experience. In the Strength Finder 2.0, the author Gallup’s made interesting point when he talked about the “A Misguided Maxim?” “You can be anything you want to be, if you just try hard enough.” (5) The author calls this phase a myth but for me, I call these words of encouragement. For years this phase has inspired me to accomplished many goals in my life and help me in raising my children as a single parent. Also, I have used this phase to encourage many people who have felt like they could not achieve their goals in live. But according to Gallup, “each person have greater potential for success in specific areas, and the key to human development is building on who you already are.” (8) After taking the “Strength Finder,” I was excited to find out my Top 5 Themes, which are the following: Responsibility, Strategic, Relator, Maximizer, and Activator. My results were a bit surprising to me because I have never really described myself as a strategist, maximizer, activator, or a relator. However, once I read each theme, application, and ideas for action, I found some…show more content…
I like to finish what I start. I have been that I am a very dependable person and people count on me a lot to get things done correctly. I get of a lot of compliments about how organized and how the ministry is ran. I credited more of the success to the staff and volunteers who work very hard in making a different in the community that we serve. What I found surprising was that I am a strategist. I never saw myself as strategist and now I feel especially honored to be a strategist because Jesus was also a strategist. I am really excited about tapping into each and every one of these themes and discovering the best me. I feel that now I have been given tools to change and improve myself first and then people around
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