Galvanism: The Power Of Power In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Galvanism is identifying life with electricity that has an organic source. Galvanism was an type of art since we discovered that the mere application of electricity to a dead body brings someone back to life. Can you really bring someone back from the dead with the use of galvanism? This is the argumentative question that has been around for centuries. Can you bring a monster back to life? Is it possible to create life. The name of Galvanization derived from Luigi Galvani and was used ever since, for the name for the administration of electric shocks. Luigi was appointed reader in anatomy at a university in 1762. His skill as a surgeon soon won him the chair of obstetrics. Luigi Galvani, during the 1780’s, was a biologist and performed experiments…show more content…
The whole “Frankenstein” topic originates from Mary Shelley’s life. Mary Shelley was a novelist, short story writer, and biographer. Most importantly Mary Shelley was the author of the gothic novel Frankenstein. Mary Shelley based the novel off of her personal life. Mostly every child she had died by drowning as well as her husband. Her life was so terrible you can see why she made Frankenstein such a gothic novel. In frankenstein, Mary Shelley is obsessed with the idea of creating life from the dead .Electricity is the source of life for the monster known as frankenstein whose has body parts of a man who is dead .Mary Shelley’s fascination with the discovery of galvanism become clear to see in Victor Frankenstein’s obsession with creating life from bodies that were pronounced dead making him “God” like. In the novel there is a quote which this information is proven, “I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life; nay, more, I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless…show more content…
Do I believe electricity can bring someone back to life? In fact I do believe electricity can bring someone back to life. I believe that a defibrillator, a machine that brings people back to life, a machine that makes a heart start beating from not beating, can bring people to life. I believe such a machine can do more than bring someone back to life that has been dead for only seconds or close to a minute. I think if scientists such as Luigi Galvani could make a frogs leg twitch, then scientist today with the technology we have could make a dead person come back alive such as the story of “Frankenstein”
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