Galveston Hurricane Essay

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Galveston Hurricane: September 8, 1900. On September 8, a Category 4 hurricane ripped through Galveston, killing an estimated amount 6,000 to 8,000 people. A 15-foot storm flooded the city, which was then situated at less than 9 feet above sea level, and numerous homes and buildings were destroyed.
On the day of September 8 ,1900 a Category 4 hurricane went through Galveston, Texas and around 6,000 to 8,000 people died. During the Galveston hurricane the city of oleander was filled with people that were on vacation. Good weather forecast things didn’t exist at the time, but the U.S. Weather people gave out a warnings telling people to move to higher ground. Even though these were ignored by many vacationers and residents alike. A 15-foot
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history in terms of loss of life.Galveston,First visited by French and Spanish explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries, is located on Galveston Island, a 29-mile strip of land about two miles off the Texas coast and about 50 miles southeast of Houston. The city, which was named in the late 18th century for the Spanish governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Galvez (1746-86), was incorporated in 1839 and is linked to the mainland by bridges and causeways. Galveston is a commercial shipping port and, with its warm weather and miles of beaches, has also long been a popular resort.the good thing about the hurricanes, it gave water to plants and to let people start over to move and have a fresh start with their new life where ever it will be to keep their life safe and move to another state and probably some like Arizona. the poor would start over and get a job.wind speed of 143 mph Hurricane,Affected areas: Atlantic Canada, Puerto Rico, Nebraska, Michigan and more.A Galveston Daily News reporter in 1900 told the story of the Sept. 8, 1900, hurricane could never truly be written. For many, no words could ever be spoken again about the deadly hurricane that reshaped the Gulf Coast forever.The story of the 1900 Storm is one about
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