Gambling Addiction Essay

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Addiction is a condition in which the body must have a drug to avoid physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Addiction’s first stage is dependence, during which the search for a drug dominates an individual’s life. In contrast, Gambling addiction can be defined as placing something of value at risk in the hopes of gaining something of greater value. Most people, gamble because it is a simple form of legal entertainment after all it is legal in 48 states, but to many it becomes an uncontrollable behavior. Many terms are used to describe a person who has a problem with gambling, including pathological gambler, gambling addict, compulsive gambler, or problem gambler. These terms are used to describe a person for whom gambling has become …show more content…

However, the first step is admitting that you have a problem with gambling. The Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine “points to research stating that individuals with a gambling problem may have lower than average levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that generates feelings of energy.” According to the America Addiction Centers “the high of a gambling win may help to create sensations of elation or power that their natural chemistry does not provide.” Nevertheless, treatment is designed in a different way, what works for one person may not work for the next. Gambling addiction cannot be cured, but counseling or therapy for problem gamblers helps you change your unnatural gambling behaviors and views, teaches you how to overcome the urge to gamble, and to also deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than escape through gambling, and solve financial, work, and relationship problems caused by the addiction. The goal of treatment is to “rewire” the addicted brain by thinking about gambling in a new way. There is numerous amount of treatment programs available. For example, inpatient facility, outpatient clinic and support groups. Treatment may take place at an inpatient facility, where 24-hour supervision and support are provided, or at an outpatient rehab program, which offers greater autonomy and flexibility to clients and gamblers anonymous were the sponsor is a former gambler who has time and experience remaining free from addiction, and can often provide vital guidance and support. In addition, the National council on Problem Gambling, Inc has a nationwide toll-tree number for gamblers to call for help if the above treatment centers are expensive. And estimated 60 to70 percent of gamblers call the help line for help or by their family members or employers. The help lines receive their funding from the state in which they

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