Game Addiction Thesis

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Independent research studies
Game Addiction (Why do teenagers neglect their family and friends due to game addiction)

Report by Jaiyah Ganesan of class 2E6
Research Mentors: MS Sarala

My report is about game addiction and due to game addiction how teenagers neglect their relationship. My report contains survey results, research done related to teenagers’ mental health, how would psychiatrists and counselors help those who have this addiction and their experiences they have with their patients. This report will enable me and many other people to have a greater picture about this problem.

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Kids who are easily bored, have poor relationships with family members, feel like outcasts at school, or tend toward sensation-seeking are more easily drawn into video game addiction because it fills a void and satisfies needs that aren't met elsewhere. Researchers at Hammersmith Hospital in London found that dopamine levels in players' brains doubled while they were playing. Dopamine is a mood-regulating hormone associated with feelings of pleasure. The findings of this study indicate that gaming could actually be chemically…show more content…
“My 15 year old grandson is addicted to video gaming ''League of Legends''. He'll spend most of his time doing only this. He thinks he'll have a career in it. He plays on a 'team' of LOL gamers who are 10-15 years older. Now they are his’ ‘friends''. He was great in whatever sport he suited up for. It’s surprising that he's dropped out of all sports. He'll sneak onto the computer when he should be doing his homework or sleeping. So far grades haven't fallen. He forgets to eat, to drink water, to do his minimal chores. No longer does he ask a teen friend over to visit. He doesn’t talk to his family members anymore. He had promise as a pianist or guitarist, but he doesn't practice anymore.

The real life case shows the symptoms of game addiction that the 15 year boy shows that are poor eating habits, loss of non- gamer friends, social isolation. Other type of common problems includes poor effort in school, failing to do homework, irregular sleep habits, and anger or physical aggression when asked to stop playing. There have also been numerous examples of young people dying from pulmonary vein embolisms during marathon gaming sessions.

3.1 Why do teenagers neglect their family and
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