Game Of Revenge Short Story

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Game of Revenge

It’s been a year since my brother died, and it was because of that idiot who blamed him for something he didn’t do. They said he murdered someone but I know for sure that it was Jake, the one who framed my brother. He never liked me, nor did I. I must get revenge on the behalf of my brother, but how? Oh, I know how, I believe in an eye for an eye, so he shall be framed. For that, I need his fingerprint and phone, the only place I can get that is his house. In order for this to happen, observations must be made of when he leaves and comes back to the house.
I have arrived and Jake seems to be sleeping, this is a good chance for me to get his fingerprint and phone. Jake, you are so screwed. Now, how will the victim die? Let’s decided that as I get home. Today is my lucky day, isn’t it? The officer over there is going to the alleyway, the future crime scene. Oh Shit, he saw me, what do I do? What do I do? I don’t have any other options than to kill him. I hope no one heard him scream. Only one job left to do, frame Jake. I might as well call the police before anyone else see’s him dead. The police have arrived and obviously Jake is done.
It has been a week since Jake has escaped the prison and the police don’t know where the hell he is. Oh shit, I heard my name being called from outside the main door.
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Using first-person shows how what the person is thinking and the desperation to do something. The benefits of doing first-person unreliable is that I won’t have to discuss about what the other characters are thinking about or even doing. Focusing on one character is much easier than focusing on multiple characters. I would have loved to write the story in first person omniscient but there wasn’t an option for doing that, so I did first person

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