Game Of Thrones: An Analysis

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Game of Thrones is a popular American television series adapted from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. With a 9.6 IMDB rating and 210 awards under its name, it’s a pretty good show. The plot follows the quest of seven different kingdoms fighting to hold the Iron Throne and become the sole power of the land. As the current season stands, the Lannister family sits on the Throne. Their totalitarian methods have allowed them to stay in control, but have had their share of repercussions. Aside from the zombie dragons and ample amounts of incest, they face gory revolution and potential coups. Their thirst for power forces them to take unconventional methods that do more harm than good. Even though Game of Thrones is fictitious, it is…show more content…
Much like The Vale Kingdom in Game of Thrones, which experienced a power vacuum following the death of Jon Arryn, Iraq was plagued by a power vacuum following the death of its previous leader. Before the US invasion in 2003, Iraq was a fairly successful country. While they did indeed have problems, their monarch-esque government was stable and the economy was flourishing in the 80’s. While the Iraq-Iran war and invasion took a heavy toll on the Iraq, things started to look better again in the 90’s (Wael). But alas, in 2003, the United States of America (backed the British) invaded Iraqi soil. Victor Hanson of The National Review, discusses how “The invasion of Iraq was a perfect storm predicated on [many] suppositions”, many of which could have been avoided, he says. The two most pushed reasons for the invasion were the war on “terrorism” and the removal of Saddam Hussein (Hanson). Hussein was the seen as the epitome of corruption and therefore had to be removed. Senators from both parties and numerous world leader agreed with this reasoning. While many had other interests in the region, the “war on terror” was the international cover-up they all used (Henke 122). Whether or not this decision was a mistake is up for debate, but the real mistake the US made, was winning the

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