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In today’s society authority, power, gender and influence are vital components in the world of politics. In fact one can agree, that these attributes are core factors that is seen in the world of politics. Moreover, in this paper I will illustrate how the series ‘’Game of thrones’’. Although being a part of popular culture, can help to tackle down the theoretically discourses within the world of politics. Moreover, I contend that the series game of thrones can help to offer a broader understanding and knowledge of how politics functions in modern society through the theory of Realism. Through the underlying themes such as; Treachery, economic depletion, gender presentation and technology. Individuals in society can make better connections between knowing forms of politics in theory. Comparatively, to applying these forms in contemporary issues of society. Even more, this show can help individuals make connections between gender, power, authority, and potentially other concepts and issues in world politics. Nevertheless, in this paper I will focus particularly with two seasons of the show. ie.; Episode one season seven and eight.
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After Drogo promises war upon Westeros, he also promises bloodshed in response to the threat to his wife’s life and the challenge to his authority. In his words, he states that he will ' 'kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses! I will rape their women, take their children as slaves and bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak’ '. Provided that, in his speech; the gender representation portrays the male figure to be a political actor, who participate in wars, makes strategic and political decisions and exercises authority. On the contrary, women are depicted as sexual objects and mothers to children. Certainly, the rape of women is regarded as a naturalized and normal consequence of war and conquest. Even more, a source of reward for warriors who fought
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