Women Of Game Of Thrones

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Most of the female characters recognise their sexuality and use sex to achieve their objectives, whilst the majority find that sex is used against them as a tool to control them. So who are the women of Game of Thrones?

Let 's start with Arya Stark. The youngest Stark daughter with a boy 's haircut. As her character develops she learns to wield a sword and become an assassin. She is one of the most loved characters and seems to be transforming into a woman warrior.
The Princess, Sansa Stark is the sister of the tomboy. She is portrayed as not too bright and full of hopeless romantic delusions.

What would a series be without a blonde villainess. Cersei Lannister Baratheon is the seductress in the series and as her character develops
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Findings were that 73% of the characters were men and this proportion barely changed over the 16 year period. The same study also found that there was little or no representation of women in business, law, medicine or politics.

There have been numerous shocking and traumatising scenes in Game of Thrones. Some of the most engaged and talked about scenes include:

1. The skull-crushing death
This particular episode was probably the most shocking death scene ever aired on prime time television. Prince Oberyn Martell stepped up to be Tyrion Lannister 's champion in the dwarf trials as a way to avenge the murderer of his sister. Oberyn 's greed for vengeance got the better of him, and as he thought he had won The Mountain grabbed him by the head, plunged his thumbs into his eyes and crushed his skull with his bare hands.

2. The sibling rape
The most talked about Game of Thrones episode of all time. Jaime Lannister had sex with his twin sister and former lover Cersei. This particular scene traumatised many viewers because this happened next to the body of their murdered son Joffery, and of how she pleaded with him to
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