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These days, there are television series that are expensive and somehow different with many other television series which has its’ own chracteristics. Quality television can be defined as a term that is used in the area of television studies to describe a genre or style of television programming that they argue is of higher quality due to its subject matter, style, or content. And also, television series with high quality, quality audiences, and good quality styles of the show. Regarding quality television, this research essay will briefly explain in relations to Game of Thrones (GoT), and how quality television functions as an industrial, aesthetic and audience category in Game of Thrones.

First of all, as to talk about industrial aspects
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It is to evaluate the styles of the show, whether it is cinematic, its’ visual quality, and the mise-en-scenes elements in Game of Thrones. To begin with the aesthetic aspect, Game of Thrones is mainly about war and medieval type fantasy. Many elements in the show are crafted to appeal to the viewers and the modes of address in the show ranges from informal to formal. Also, a masterful mix of top-notch storytelling, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, set design, sound design and visual effects; the success of Game of Thrones is not just attributed to one of the element of its production (Kristy, 2014). Moreover, many of the awe-inspiring creatures and environments of Westeros (one of the continent in Game of Thrones) would not be possible without the exceptional work of visual effects studios such as Pixomondo, Screen Scene, Spin VFX, BlueBolt, Look FX and Gradient FX (among others). Through the magic of visual effects from the visual effect studios, many viewers of Game of Thrones experience fantastical things that are convincingly real (Kristy, 2014). To provide good visual effects to audiences, the directors of Game of Thrones have seeked for most beautiful locations and with the help of latest visual effect techonology. Furthermore, the camera team of Game of Thrones has used the green screens and software to look outstanding on television with better features (Victoria,…show more content…
Initially, Game of Thrones is an adult fantasy television show that is adapted from a series of books. The target audience for this show is largely males, aged from 18 to 30 (Sophielmm, 2013). But there are female viewers as well in the similar range of ages. At first, Game of Thrones had most viewers of males aged from 18 to 19, but as it gained popularity through social medias and increase in large number of viewers, the viewership of Game of Thrones has grown roughly up to 20 million. So far, Game of Thrones is the most-watched show on premium cable (James,

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