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Abstract - This work in progress presents some initial findings concerning the use of gamification and persuasive technology in the domain of reaching a set sustainability goal by using persuasive systems. Both gamification and persuasive technology have become more pervasive elements in the research community in the domain of human-computer interaction (HCI) and information systems. I argue a need for research addressing the design of these systems since we currently have a vague understanding of the underlying mechanism. Sustainability is genuinely complex and the designer of a persuasive system with a set sustainability goal must consider numerous parameters when designing the artefact.
We live in an uncertain world today with sustainability perils like lack of water, deforestation, pollution, endangered species, global warming, and inequality. Sustainability could be seen on different levels of the analysis macro, e.g. global, nation, society, or on a micro level, e.g. household, family, and individual. We experience global problems connected to sustainability, e.g. health is endangered by obesity [1] and climate change [2]. When global collaboration, e.g. the Paris agreement to amend
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computers can be used to support persuasive design [3]. In previous research on behaviour change support systems (BCSS), Oinas-Kukkonen (2013) showed that the persuasive system-design (PSD) could be used as an advanced tool for designing and evaluating BCSS [6]. The individual’s behaviour could be changed by using PSD into reaching a set goal. In previous research, persuasive systems have been used to alter the behaviour of users towards reducing the use of resources e.g. reducing electricity or water consumption [7] - [9], and also see the review by Matthews et al. [10] on persuasive mobile applications to promote a healthy
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