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Video Game & Technology Addiction Dimitris Tsolis Essay Lyceum – E1 It is a fact that technology has changed rapidly and has evolved over the past decades. But with that rapid change, some negative aspects have occurred. One such aspect is technology and video game addiction. Researchers found that nearly eight in ten students had notable mental and physical distress, confusion, panic, and extreme isolation when forced to unplug from technology for twenty four hours (Andrew Hough 2011). Internet is being used more and more in almost every country in the world. Professionals have agreed that the increasingly high use of technology has led to a new form of dependence. Video games and technology addiction is a growing…show more content…
Like most addictions, the addict relates gaming with a sense of escape and good feelings and seeks this experience over and over again, being unable to stop without help. The fact that the users associates a sense of escape to the Internet makes people that are stressed, depressed or even unhappy teenagers at our age more vulnerable to this addiction. The symptoms of technology or gaming addiction are difficult to identify and may be different from person to person. The user may try to hide his/her addiction. For example, an individual might prefer to stay home instead of going to school just to play a game or prefer to chat with his or her online friend instead of going out with his actual friends. Personally, I have met many people who were addicted to computers and games, and I have even visited a rehab clinic for technology addicts. So, I am familiar with tech addicts and the symptoms they may present. Generally, computer and gaming dependence involves only psychological problems without any physical risks. As it was stated earlier, the symptoms vary from person to person, so I will mention the ones that are common among…show more content…
First of all, increasing amount of time spent in front of a computer suggests that a person might be addicted, while if that person does not take any brakes from his or her time in front of a computer, it is even more catastrophic for that person’s health. Moreover, isolation from family and friend is also a symptom, while losing track of time online is one too. Changes in sleep patterns and lying about the amount of time someone spent in front of a PC are common symptoms among addicts. Furthermore, computer use interfering with job or school performance is an ordinary symptom, as a person can’t prioritise and fulfil his obligations due to his addiction. (Dr. Hilarie

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