Gaming In Nursing Education

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Table of Contents Gaming 3 Overview of the Strategy 3 Theoretical Foundation 3 Research Evidence Related to the Strategy 4 Implementing the Strategy in Class 4 Plan for Evaluating Effectiveness 5 References 7 Gaming Overview of the Strategy Gaming is an active teaching strategy allowing a group of learners to participate in a content-based activity that has a clear set of rules, provides instant feedback, and promotes the spirit of competition (Fitzgerald & Keyes, 2019). It is widely accepted that most nursing students are kinesthetic learners and prefer to learn “by doing” (Fitzgerald & Keyes, 2019). In rather sharp contrast, traditional nursing education models have followed a rigidly structured modality, with didactic content delivered…show more content…
However, multiple sources report the positive effects of gaming in nursing education. Boctor (2013) found that students cited gaming as helpful and useful for bolstering material they had already learned, helping them learn brand-new information, and enforcing the fundamentals of nursing information. They also reported an increase in their self-confidence about being tested on the material (Boctor, 2013). Strickland and Kaylor (2016), reported gaming as an effective and collaborative strategy that stimulates the cognitive and affective domains by improving knowledge retention in an enjoyable and energized…show more content…
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