Gandaulf's Journey In The Hobbit

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Gods and Monsters: Rough Draft If life was easy and without difficulty, then it wouldn’t be called a journey. Life brings countless obstacles. In order to get through these hard times, we need someone to lead us through them. In life, we can rely on God to lead and help us through life’s difficulties. Similarly, in The Hobbit, we see Gandalf guide Thorin and company through a perilous journey to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and it’s treasure. Furthermore, Gandalf is portrayed as an old, wandering wizard who helps people on quests or journeys. He is seen wearing a blue hat, grey cloak, black boots, and a silver scarf (Tolkein, 5). Also, some of his pastimes are blowing smoke rings and entertaining the hobbits, peaceful creatures who live…show more content…
Both wizards act as advisors or teachers, but Gandalf uses his power less often and for different reasons. Also, both have immense power, but Gandalf can control it and use it for good unlike some versions of Merlin in literature. This means that Gandalf is more humble and merciful than Merlin. According to Seven Paths of the Hero in Lord of the Rings: The Path of the Wizard, “The test for a wizard, already the wisest of the wise, is to resist arrogance and serve those less wise.” (Robertson, 119). For example, Gandalf could use his power to give glory to himself, but he choses to help others such as Thorin and company on their quest to regain their homeland and treasure from Smaug. Gandalf is considered one of the greatest wizards in Middle Earth because he is the most unselfish and good-hearted wizard. In The Lord of The Rings, Gandalf sacrifices himself for the company and as a result is transformed from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White, a more pure and powerful version of himself. This sacrifice makes him greater than the most powerful wizard at the time, Saruman, because he proved himself more worthy of the title. Gandalf could even be considered, “Saruman as he should have been.” (Robertson,
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