Gandhi: An Analysis Of Gandhi's Views On Science

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When world regarded Gandhi as a progressive leader, Gandhi portrayed himself as a man against technology, which was nothing but the vital element to bring progress and development to the society. And hence, to say Gandhi as a scientist is asinine. This paper is explores various aspects of Gandhi 's ideology and his views. We will look into Gandhi’s views on science and technology and why he was labelled as anti-science. We will try to understand his idea of alternative science and his concept of 'return to nature. ' In the meanwhile, we would also take into consideration the views of his various supporters and critiques and conclude with the relevance of Gandhi’s views on science or fields related to it in today’s world.
Before knowing Gandhi’s views on science, it is much prudent to know about science. So what is science? Science is the quest for truth. It unravels the mysteries of life, gives it a meaning and logic and helps us to understand it better through experimentations. Who was Gandhi then? He was a seeker of truth, and he lived an experimental life conducting experiments throughout his life and hence probably he named his autobiography as “My Experiments with Truth.” To explain this, Gandhi said:
" experiments have not been conducted in the closet, but in the open; and I do not think that this fact detracts from their spiritual value. ...Far be it from me to claim any degree of perfection for these experiments. I claim for them nothing more than

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