Gandhi And Kamehameha Comparison

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King Kamehameha I born 1758-1819 was the first chief to ever conquer all the island of Hawaii. He won against all the chief of the islands. Adolf Hitler born in 1889-1945 was a Germany soldier in 1914 at age 25. He fought for his and his people’s right even if other believed it is wrong. Even though they are unknown to each other, that make them so similar or different? There are a lot of similar between them. When Adolf was a leader he gave courage to the lower middle class and unemployed that one day Germany will end the suffer. Kamehame wanted to influence the people so he would work as a commoner all day and night, they inspire their people to do more then be negative . There was also a time when country economy improve and unemployed dropped when Hitler became a leader. When kamehameha was king he made to safer for his people this mean both of the them help their people advance their community. Hitler decided become president but lost by 36.8 percent so he entered a series of plan to have power. Kamehameha presented the dead king of Hawaii so he can be king even though this will cause war, this show that they are both persistence to have power.…show more content…
Hitler had total dictatorship sh control everything from people’s lives to their system he does whatever he wants. Unlike Hitler, Kamehameha I spilt his island among governors, this show that Hitler likes total power and Kamehameha doesn’t. Kamehameha welcome new foreigners and their goods. Hitler killed any jews at sight he shows no mercy, Hitler kill any people he dislike, this show that Kamehameha is outgoing. Hitler is a coward when Germany surrender to Allied Force, he committed suicide because this ended his dream of “1,000 year” Reich. Kamehameha never gave up when everyone was turning on him, he kept going knowing he will win this bloody battle, Hitler is different from Kamehameha because he would run away from his
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