Gandhi's Argument Against British Rule

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In order to identify whether the Gandhi’s arguments were effective enough against British rule, firstly, paper will point out what were key factors that led Gandhi to stand up against British government. Later will mention the Gandhi’s famous book Hind Swaraj where he clearly addresses all his concerns and arguments about disobedience and non-violence in a proper way and finally will look at to what extend Gandhi was effective leader that could influence not only his own nation but also people from all around the world. It is well known that, from the early nineteenth century, Britain was one of the most imperious nation in the world. It was the enormous Empire which its colonies stretched from Caribbean to South Pacific and which the very center of the imperial power was London. Around the world, nationalism was on the rise, but despite this, the job of the running empire continued. These nationalist movements had…show more content…
Why is he remembered as the father of Nation? Another evidence is that it is known for most people that Gandhi became an inspiration for the future leaders in their road to freedom and nationalist movements. One of them was great Martin Luther King who admitted with great pleasure the influence of the Gandhi on his actions. These all actually illustrate us to what extend Gandhi was an effective leader with his arguments leading the road for freedom to his country. To conclude, he was a man with tremendous personal courage by leading revolutionary change without the violence, a man who could transform the nation. He stood for the power of individual to bring about change. Of course, there was debates over his ideals and his visions of religion unity and its achievability. However, one thing is certain is that he believed in the seizing whole truth, this is clear us from his recordings in 1931 speeches and therefore illustrate us one more time that he was the father of the Indian

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