Mahatma Gandhi Mission Statement Analysis

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Task A
Goals and mission statements

Question 1

a) A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.
I agree that source A and B are examples of personal mission statements.
In Gandhi's mission statement it outlines his aims and values that he up holds.For example he believes in always telling the truth over lies,he says,"I shall conquer untruth by truth."When I first read it,I can immediately see what he stands for and what is important to him.It is short,simple and to the point.We can see that Gandhi lives by his mission statement.The way it is written shows he is a committed person.It also shows his bravery and how he thinks of others worse himself.

Ben Franklin's
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* I shall fear only God and by this I think by this what he meant was to be humble and understand there is a higher power than oneself.
Gandhi was put into jail many times but still never gave up.
We can also see his caring nature and love towards others when he says "I shall not bear ill will toward anyone"
He also believes that when one does wrong,they must admit it and make up for it.We see this when he says "And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering."
Gandhi's values are clearly outlined and define his way of living.It is short,simple and to the point.It is inspiring as well.
Ben Franklin's is also a good mission statement but is very long and can become boring.It is also very broad and not as personal as Gandhi's who uses words such as "I shall." We see Gandhi is brace and courageous.he had influence. Gandhi changed the lives of over 300 million people using his moral authority.Gandhi teaches how important it is to be brave and stand up for what you believe in.

c)Gandhi held no formal authority no position. Yet because he had moral authority, he had influence. Gandhi changed the lives of over 300 million people using his moral
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The intentions of the company is to get as many people as possible to join Facebook and bring joy to people.They want to makeup easier for people who live far away from eachother,easy to keep in touch.Their intentions are to make the world a smaller place.

iiii) Facebooks goals are to become the Mobile killer app,to constantly grow and learn from their mistakes.They also want to enable people to network.
They want to create simplicity for people to be able to stay in contact,any time anywhere.People who are across the world from eachother can still stay in contact and communicate.Their goals are also to be authentic and helpful.

Question 3

a) Goals are often failed to achieve when a person is overwhelmed.This could mean the task set ahead appears too large or too difficult,this doubts ones abilities and makes it hard to achieve goals.For example if a person wants to lose weight so they would like to run 10km a

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