Gandhi Vs Kamehameha Essay

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Kamehameha and Mohanda Gandhi were both effective leaders because they were persuasive, they both had a crucial effect on the society, and they both were very convincing to other people. Gandhi came from a low-class family in India, his father was a chief minister of Porbandar and his mother was a practitioner of Vaishnavism. Gandhi was appalled by discrimination that he experienced during his immigration in South Africa. Kamehameha was raised by his uncle, Kalani`opu`u who was the former ruler of the Big Island. Kamehameha’s conquest was to unite all the Hawaiian islands, and he was able to succeed.
Kamehameha and Mohanda Gandhi have a few similarities, they were both persuasive before and after they were leaders. Mohanda Gandhi faced lots of challenges, for example when he was kicked out of Durban court for refusing taking of his turban, because of these events it inspired him to stop social injustice. Kamehameha was persuasive
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Some similarities between them were persuasive leaders, had a crucial effect on society, and they both achieved more than expected to. Some differences between Kamehameha and Gandhi is how Kamehameha was a more fighting leader while Gandhi was deeply committed to achieving his goal in a non-violent way, another difference is their effect on society, and where and who they affected because of their actions. Both of them changed and kept things the same after they became a leader, some of the things Kamehameha kept the same was the Ahu’pua’a and he kept the kapu system, some things he changed was putting in the Law of the Splintered Paddle to the kapu system and controlling the royale monopoly. Some things Gandhi kept the same was sticking to non-violence actions and he kept some of the customs, some things he changed was helping India be independent and kept their
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