Gandhi's Philosophy Of Peace Essay

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Abstract: Mahatma Gandhi treated his individual life in accordance with his ideas. He said "my life is my message". Therefore Gandhism is a mixture of Gandhi's concepts and practices. The basic groundship happens to be "Non-violence". He practiced and prescribed non-violence as a remedy against all social evils. It is the most ancient eternal values and culture of India. He said on this account, "I have nothing new to teach you .Truth and non-violence are as old as hill." Non- violence and Truth are two sides of a same coin. The ultimate ideal of 'Non-violence and Truth' is unrealized and unrealizable; its value consists in pointing out the direction, not in their realization. Striving after the ideal is the very essence of practicing Gandhi's…show more content…
To achieve simultaneously the negative aim of conflict - resolution and the positive aim of establishing peace, Gandhi propounded his philosophy of peace. The need of ours is to proclaim again and again the significance of Gandhian pacifism to solve crucial problems of conflicts and violence. Gandhiji’s Philosophy of Peace The most fundamental principle of Gandhian philosophy of peace is "Ahimsa" or non-violence which is law of love, life and creation as opposed to violence or Himsa, the cause of hatred, death and destruction. According to Gandhi the universal human value of Ahimsa ought to be cultivated not merely at personal level, but at social, national and international level too if we wish to avoid personal, social, national and international conflicts. It is a very powerful means to avoid conflict, since it springs from inner realization of the equality of all human beings . Negatively it is absence of mental intention of injuring, harming, disturbing and agonizing opponent, and positively it is good will towards all human beings. Nonviolence at interpersonal and International levels can be defined as Altruistic approach. As a peaceful technique to resist injustice, it includes a concrete programme and leads to self-suffering and sacrifice. For Gandhi "Fasting unto death" is the last step to oppose

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