Ganesh Bhel Case Study

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Case bnumber: GSMC 309
Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd: Pioneering Transformation from unorganized to organized Service Retail.
Indian service retail industry witnessed sea change in the way consumer preferences. The implication of that was evident in brain storming at Ganesh Bhel, which was the most popular destination for its taste of bhelpuri and other chaat products (the popular traditional Indian tasty & spicy fast food category).August 2008, at the Famous & crowded Ganesh Bhel retail outlet, Mr. Dinesh & Rupesh Gudmewar were having through discussion going on with their father Mr. Ramesh Gudmewar, (Founder of Ganesh Bhel in 1978 in Pune city) on transforming it from a commodity business into an organized enterprise. Mr.
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Fast food retail changing scenario:
The fast food habits of the Indians witnessed a big change in last few decades. From a homemade food customers have radically shifted towards readymade fast food products.
This food is also termed as Junk food. The main feature of this category of food is the heavy fat content in all the product range. But in the recent decade even the approach towards the fast food has changed with a health perspective in it. Quality and hygiene is considered as major factor for buying fast food from market. This is precisely is a major reason for the modern food retail growth in India. The Bhelpuri which was a street food model also has seen an organized food retail touch.
Source: Personal discussion with MD Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd
Unorganized Vs organized Fast food Industry:
The food retail Industry in India was estimated around USD 270 billion, out of it the modern food retail was around USD 5.4 billion.
Modern food retail was dominated by western fast food products like burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, franky, rolls etc. This market was also dominated by food retail chains like McDonalds, Subway, Food world
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• To keep on adding good employees from the fast food business to meet demand. This will lead to high volumes at the same time sustaining good quality.
• Keep on promoting low rates of bhel amongst the customers to gain high volumes.
Option 2: Focused/Niche Marketing Strategy
• Being premium and very high price marketers of bhelpuri products.
• Focus on super rich and high income group customers for high profits
• Creating a service retail image liked by the customers segment of barista/ CCD/ Starbucks
• Niche segment of big events or gathering can also be targeted with bhelpuri (as unique Indian fast food catering )
Option 3: Differentiating Marketing Strategy
• Creating differentiation by service quality, this will enable process as well as product quality(As process quality leads to product quality)
• Supporting with the appropriate service design blueprint and layout i.e. product layout.
• Continuous improvement tools for processes and product innovation should be used.
• Differentiation through taste, store design and service excellence will automatically the large volume of customers. Exhibit no: 1
Food Retail Sector scenario in India:
Table 1: Size of Indian Food Retail Sector Estimated size on

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