Gang Deviance Essay

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Deviance Research Report - Gang Membership
Youth gangs are groups of three or more individuals aged between 12-24 years whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create fear and intimidation within society. Gangs may be identifiable through a slogan, identifying symbol, tattoo, style of clothing, hand sign or graffiti. Gangs may be known through their deviant behaviours such as property theft, drug selling and street fighting which are used to gain social status and street reputation. It is not known when gangs first appeared. The earliest recorded appearance of gangs may have been as early as 1783 in Boston as the American Revolution ended. Researchers currently estimate that there are 750,000 active gang members in 25,000 gangs in the United States alone.…show more content…
The public education of society’s rules is conducted by the media in reporting on deviant behaviour and the consequences. In gang membership, the deviant behaviour of the gangs is broadcasted through the media and becomes a headline such as viral videos of the 2016 Moomba Brawl. The community becomes aware of the deviant behaviour. 
 Unification of others: 
People with different opinions and beliefs are united by deviancy when they share the same common norms and values. In times of distress, society comes together to unite against the deviant behaviour. This can be seen when people begin to fear the gang so unite to want to put a strop to gangs and gang violence.

Encouraging social change: 
The diverse range of deviancies allow competition between norms promoting social change and innovation. Deviance can encourage society to consider alternative norms and values. Society unites and encourages social change such as encouraging the

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