Gang Leader For A Day Summary

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Jason Holdsberg Honors Psych 10/11/15 Castelli Gang Leader for a day Plot Summary: The book starts out by explaining some of the background behind the main character and author of the book, Sudhir Venkatesh. Sudhir is a young, indian native, college student who attends the University of Chicago where he studies Sociology. Sudhir lives right outside of campus on the border between the nice apartment complexes in the loop and the slum projects of the south side of Chicago. Sudhir is considered dumb at the beginning of his book for his lack of his own personal safety. He is considered blind to fear on (page 17). After the intro, he attends a seminar based on how poor black lives are in the ghettos of Chicago. Sudhir obviously being the idiot he…show more content…
C-Note jumps Beebee and Sudhir gets involved in the fight. Ms. Bailey warns Sudhir to stay out out or he’ll get himself killed. Sudhir then begins to side with Ms. Bailey and begins helping her with food drives for the building. Sudhir is faced with the challenges of telling the police about the voilence or going to jail, he then tries to find other option. He spends the next good portion of the book helping young girls out in the building but is baffled by the fact that there mothers think he’s sleeping with them. After that he then finds out that basically the whole building is mad at him for telling JT and Ms. Baker everyone 's daily salaries. A few days later Sudhir is at a barbaque with the whole building when somebody performs a drive by shooting on them shooting JT’s uncle. JT immediately responds with trying to find the men responsible. After that Sudhir gets invited to a meeting with the cops at a bar to talk about the gang, Sudhir finds out they are mad about how the drug dealers make more money than them and a lot of dealers get taken down. Sudhir attends a big meeting with JT after all this went down about the future of the smuggling and the gang. Towards the end of the book the
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