Gang Violence In The Media Essay

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Gangs activities are frequently portray in the media , the exposure of gang violence have an negative impact on the minds of our youth in our communities . Gangs are described as groups that are involved in gang related crimes and other crimes , such as assaults , rape , and robberies . Gangs are mostly conform of people from the same race or ethnicity , the majority are males and are most likely to be young . The majority of the people that join this groups come from places where they suffer from economic disadvantage and dysfunctional families . One of the issue that is problematic in our society nowadays is the media coverage of gang activities . Since we like in a technological era people on their daily basis have access to different type…show more content…
The similarities that we can get about this two media sources is that nowadays gang related crime are run differently from how it used to be before . Since the relationship with the police in places like Chicago and California have been getting worse gang members often have a violent encounter with the police officer and they have lost completely the respect or fear for them . Another difference that we can notice is how the behavior of gang members have change , now they don't only shoot each other to mark their territory to sell drugs , they shoot each other and other innocent people for the most insignificant things . Their ability to have guns facility them to commit any crime and their access to portray what they have and their lifestyle in social media gives them more power on the streets .The media coverage of gangs shows that most of the gang members feel connected with them because of their lifestyle , and most of their lifestyle is glorify and portray in social media in other for other to watch them and follow them. Rapers that sing about the street life or have come from the streets are glorify often too , because they represent what is to come from the streets .We can concluded that mass incarceration is not a solution to stop gang violence on the streets , since most of the gang members still runs their gangs while they are incarcerated and
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